Health and Success


Flavon max has become a lifestyle choice for hundreds of thousands of people. The basic concept of Flavon max Club aims to create a healthy, successful, free life, full of challenges & rich in possibilities to improve our personality.

Our aim is to demonstrate the possibility of a healthier & more successful life to millions of people, to help them reach financial & moral success by helping others.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in values, in the importance of value-added work. This is why we support those who carry out meaningful work both in Hungary & beyond our borders.
Felel?sség- vállalásunk

We know that everything we do has its own impact on our environment and society. Therefore, we feel responsible & take responsibility for our environment, the development of society & the economy of Hungary. Beside our economic interest, it is really important for us to meet the needs of our employees, Club Members, and local communities.

What has been said about Flavon?

  • I am at the right place, I made the right decision. It was one of my best decisions to join the Flavon team. This innovation shows the real opportunity granted by dietary supplements.

    Dr. Gyula Cs?re, Diamond Elite Plus leader
  • I have a nice life and a lot of free time. This is like a tale… hard to believe.

    Ryszard Gaczkowski, Ruby President leader
  • Thanks to Flavon, the world has opened up for us. Me & my family can finally go to destinations that an average family usually doesn’t consider.

    Ferenc Salamon, Ruby President Leader
  • This market having 500 million potential clients implies a fantastic business opportunity. It makes me very excited & I wonder what we can achieve with this chance in the next 5-10 years.

    Krisztina Jungné Kovács, Emerald President Leader
  • I know I’m at the best place!

    Attila Hervát, President Leader
  • Today, the highest paying compensation plan belongs to Flavon.

    Zsolt Krnács, President leader
  • Every morning I wake up with excitement and go to bed feeling a state of fulfilment.  My biggest aim is to have a prosperous life in every single lovely day. I am happy and grateful that I have this wonderful Flavon business.

    Ewa Wawrzyniak, Ruby President leader
  • Join us!

    Discover a limitless, free, quality life!

    Enjoy the stable background, the unconditional support, reach the potential of the unique products and marketing plan offered by Flavon! Learn what it feels like to belong to an enthusiastic, strong team while exploring mental and physical wellbeing! Join us! Let’s reach success together!


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